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How many wheels do you have today? Two, three, four? Or none? Whatever way you like to move, Tucano Urbano is with you. With materials and technologies that make mobile life more practical, more comfortable, more protected. Because we come from the street. But we go everywhere, in the city and outside. Regardless of the weather: rain, sunshine, wind, heat. So, now, don’t check what the weather is like: just get dressed and go out. We’ll be there. We think against the stream. Tucano Urbano was born in 1999 in Milan: a city which saw its streets become more and more crowded with scooter riders every day. The brand was born with them and for them, with visionary and free and easy intuitions: such as the Termoscud®, the leg cover for scooters which has become the symbol of a category. And in time the little toucan in the diamond has turned into a solid and successful brand, a point of reference for those moving in the urban space. In 2012, with the arrival of new partners and a new management, the brand faced challenges in unexplored territories. These changes did not betray the brand’s urban vocation, but rather enlarged it towards an idea of total mobility: for any time, any road, any lifestyle.