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We are proud to celebrate “The first 45 years of CTE International”, a family business that has been designing, producing and marketing solutions for radiocommunication, entertainment and bluetooth communication on two wheels, sports videos and consumer electronics in general since 1972. Over the years we have built, thanks to an intense international expansion policy, a group of European and extra-EEC branches and subsidiaries which are headed by the Italian mother house and which counts today sites in 13 countries around the world including USA, UK, Spain, Poland, Germany, France, Russia. The cornerstone of our strategy has always been the great attention to the quality of the products, developed thanks to continued investments in research and development. Among our primates: the introduction of the first homologated CB in the market in 1977, selling more than 20 millions CB worldwide to date; the creation and marketing on the European market of LPD-band walkie talkies in 1998 and since 2001 in Pmr446 band; in 2009 the creation of the universal communication Talk2All enabling the Midland intercom devices to communicate with any other brand of intercom and in 2015 BTTalk app, which opens its doors to the communication with no limits of distance and users. Important innovations made possible by the innate propensity for exploring new sectors and technological applications of CTE. Another cornerstone of our approach is the assurance of a high quality standard of after sales support and customer service with attentive personal service in handling with efficiency and maximum timing specific consumer needs. The challenges of the future are already coming up and we at CTE International are ready to seize them, to continue to be the leaders among the international players and to achieve more and more a world where communicating is easy, fun and affordable for everyone.